Solutions for the retail and hospitality in Mallorca.

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With our help you can:

  • Optimize processes and its means.
  • Deploying the tools necessary to control all business processes.
  • Designing, adapt and maintain all their IT always ready with our Maintenance Plan.
  • Resolve all queries and incidents on general computing or specific products quickly and also provide an emergency service for the active 24 hour.
  • Train staff to increase efficiency in the use of new technologies.
  • Controlling costs and economic determinants, benefits, more profitable products, best suppliers, stock control and storage, etc..
  • Adapt your business information to the Data protection law.
  • Develop new information systems to support their business ideas.
  • We analyze your business for you, select the best technological and operational alternatives, and put them to work for you to see your business grow and can have full control over it, I may as well make the best strategic decisions based on objective data.
  • We have specific software for many sectors: Clinics and hospitals,Restaurants, bars, stores CONTACT US fashion ...!!

We specialize in installation and maintenance of point-of-sale touch (TPV) and cash registers and have the experience above 200 computerized by our business.

With our help you can take control of your business!

Some of our customers

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