Extending the tourist season

The extension of the tourist season is now a reality. Meteorological factors, together with others such as the effects of the Arab Spring, He has made the tourist season is extended slightly and also do it with good figures.

Rising temperatures in the following summer months cause an increase of the tourist season.

“The tourist season now lasts longer” hear say some corners, and is the main tourist asset of Mallorca and the Balearic particularly in general, it is the weather. Increased durability good time significantly extends the tourist season by the arrival of tourists is greater.

Hospitality are the main beneficiaries of the extension of the tourist season.

The good thing is directly satisfying for all those establishments who live mainly from tourism, such as catering. Hotels, bars, Restaurants, bars and nightclubs are extended its opening period so that the tourist seasonality is reduced a little.

That closed June season, July and August, It was expanded taking the months of May and even late April. To date there have been mass tourist visits until the end of September and mid-October, extending up to 7 Balearic tourist season months.

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