G2TPV, sponsor del Port Adriano Music Festival

After working several years with the company Contemporary Music and hand of Felipe Menéndez, we have managed to become sponsors of the different concerts Contemporary Music promotes Balearic, as he Port Adriano Music Festival like electronic music festival Origin Voyeur Festival and Jazz Festival.

Since G2TPV bring the technical solution to attend properly to the many VIP guests attending concerts, as well as enabling the collection correctly in the various bars that are distributed by enclosures Port Adriano and Son Fusteret.

G2TPV has established itself as a sponsor of Port Adriano Music Festival


This year we will be in concert origin Festival, in the enclosure They are Fusteret providing computer support various major events that this famous festival calls. Events that have had and will have DJ as famous as Carl Cox, Richie Hawting, Loco Dice, Tehcnasia, Manu Sanchez, etc.. and it brings so visual and world events known as Elrow. At such events attended by more than expected 20.000 people in 4 dates will be held.

In addition, at Port Adriano Music Festival, comanderos participate with table for faster service in the highly sought table VIP tables, as well as various bars where drinks and food will be served. Infrastructure wifi and wired network necessary to support the entire area, wide and numerous tables, allows the customer is well served and in a short period of time. We will be in concert Carla Bruni, Maceo Parker, Good Save the Queen. In addition to Village People and Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet leader.

All thanks to the Software Agora Restoration that will allow us to deploy outlets in bars and numerous remote comanderos where waiters will make the food orders from customers and send those food orders in real time to different production printers where they will prepare drinks to be served.

From G2TPV we not want to forget the importance of promoting Majorca as a cultural destination and allows us to change the typical model of sun and beach, or at least supplement. We also thank all staff and managers of the different companies involved in organizing events such as the Port Adriano Music Festival because without them this would not be possible.

Extending the tourist season

The extension of the tourist season is now a reality. Meteorological factors, together with others such as the effects of the Arab Spring, He has made the tourist season is extended slightly and also do it with good figures.

Rising temperatures in the following summer months cause an increase of the tourist season.

“The tourist season now lasts longer” hear say some corners, and is the main tourist asset of Mallorca and the Balearic particularly in general, it is the weather. Increased durability good time significantly extends the tourist season by the arrival of tourists is greater.

Hospitality are the main beneficiaries of the extension of the tourist season.

The good thing is directly satisfying for all those establishments who live mainly from tourism, such as catering. Hotels, bars, Restaurants, bars and nightclubs are extended its opening period so that the tourist seasonality is reduced a little.

That closed June season, July and August, It was expanded taking the months of May and even late April. To date there have been mass tourist visits until the end of September and mid-October, extending up to 7 Balearic tourist season months.

The language of the covered

Whether in Majorca restaurants, or anywhere in the world, language has covered international symbolism for both private dining restaurants as requiring some protocol.

The language of the covered

The ceremonial symbolism of cutlery is quite simple since it consists of a few movements covered on our plate that quickly indicate our state of satisfaction with the food served or sent a clear and direct message to the server to indicate food if we have finished eating or not.

The food was excellent

The food was excellent

Put cutlery horizontally and parallel to each other indicate our satisfaction with the food you have served us. Should be placed cutlery approximately in the center of the plate parallel to us and both pointing to our right to tell the waiter that the food was excellent.

He did not like the dish

He did not like the dish

Like the dish could be excellent Maybe the food we were to not like it. If you do not want to draw too much attention to complaints it indicates that the protocol must cross covered clasping the knife with fork tines and pointing forward. This gesture tell the waiter or whoever reaches our plate that we did not like, although it is advisable not to leave completely empty plate to show that you have not really liked the food.

I'm pausing

I'm pausing during lunch

If we place the silverware on the inclined plate and poking each of them without actually crossing it means that we have not even finished eating. On many occasions the waiters come to see if we're done with our plate; if you find the cutlery thus positioned perfectly understood that we have not yet finished with the meal, even though we we left the table.

You can bring the next dish

You can bring the next dish

When we finished eating the plate and we're hoping to bring us the second, the best way to indicate this is by placing the covered crosshair, pointing the knife left and parallel to us, and overlaying the fork above and perpendicular to the knife until it became the cross in the center of the plate. With this simple gesture the waiter understood that We have completed the first course and can bring the following.

I finished eating

I finished eating

To terminate our food and the waiter understand that we can withdraw our plate covered place parallel to each other and perpendicular to us pointing forward. Cutlery must be placed in the center of the plate and separated slightly to convey that we've finally finished eating.

G2TPV promotes Megasorteo Bakery Bar and A Smile

We invite you to attend the party to be held this afternoon at 18:00 A smile on street priest Rafael Barrera, 17 Netherlands 07008 Palma de Mallorca to mark the start of the sale of tickets for Megasorteo among other companies sponsoring G2TPV.

A poster Megasorteo Soimriure - G2TPV

Our contribution consists of a series of products for the composition prize for one winner composed:

A Peugeot car 208 Style, a motorcycle 125 cc Peugeot Tweet, un viaje valorado in 1.500 €, a voucher furniture 6.000 €, a mega Christmas basket, first Samsung Galaxy Tablet, a TV 32 "LG, una PlayStation 4, a vale de 1.500 € Teka appliances, HP laptop generation, a vale de 2.000 € on food, and uses 300 € Mahogany stores for raffle winner whose ballot matches the last four digits of the first prize in the National Lottery Christmas 2014.


In addition, will allocate a 2% of the amount collected to the ADIS foundation (Dignity and Solidarity Association).

The bases are deposited in the local street Prevere Rafael Barrera,17 07005 Palma de Mallorca, also where you can go to starting this afternoon to purchase ballots.

G2TPV collaborates with socially SOS moms Baleares

We started our journey in what will hopefully be a nice long-term project. In G2TPV we launched our area of ​​social commitment, effort to help individuals and local authorities who need that bit to get ahead or to fulfill their dreams.

A few days ago, had the pleasure of meeting Ascen of Moms SOS Baleares. Is the president of the association that helps hundreds of needy families, mainly providing them food and clothing, but most of all sweetheart.

For our part we have begun our help with delivery of t-shirts in collaboration with Vemployed, so you can wear it in all the events that made.

SOS Mamás Baleares with t-shirts donated by G2TPV and Vemployed

This is the beginning, but we have something much better slope will tell soon.

Moms SOS Baleares



New service digital signage, DIGITAL SIGNAGE

G2TPV, continues its purpose to provide the best products and services for business in Mallorca hostelerìay .

From now, podrá have in your business, the new program Mir @ me multimedia, allowing you deal of dynamics and effectively commercial and informative communication with customers, by cartelerÃa digital.

Especially diseà ± ado to hostelerÃa, retail a general, notaries, pharmacies ópticas, travel agencies, hairdressers, supermarkets, shopping centers, etc..

Learn More: Digital Signage â € "Digital CartelerÃa en Mallorca

Videos show.

New Mobile POS software Agora Mallorca

G2TPV introduced for retail and hospitality of Mallorca, a product highly demanded by our customers, it is a system tele-comandas for use in mobile, Brand Agora.
This software installed on the mobile phone, connects to the host system and allows orders and taking orders in an easy way and without computer skills.
The Order the COMMAND can be made from anywhere, and printed on the thermal printers kitchen or warehouse, allowing substantial savings in both time management restaurant or cafe, and control of stock and orders in the case of trade.
Fully integrated systems, allows payments in TPV o caja, place orders, COMMAND, Control video surveillance cameras, follow from administration, etc..

Discover the new software de Agora with G2TPV, dealer for Mallorca.

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