TPV, when it comes to hardware there are a lot of things to consider. At one time or another, you may be asked for advice on selecting, buy, or maintain the hardware to a friend and it turns out he has given erroneous information. Here are several common misconceptions about the hardware:

1. Use the POS htpv-6030-Packtill it breaks completely is a good idea.

Reality: Think saving money by keeping hardware that breaks every so often. An institution without your system working properly may cause a loss of sales, lo qu
and will be less revenue for your business. Customers will not be happy when your POS terminal is not working properly. Customer likes a good service, with a clear mind, no a mano, Detailed not wait, in case of failure of your POS system and can not provide the service you expect any consumer, your customer will choose another establishment if offered. The POS must be updated like any other technological equipment. As soon as you start to notice problems, act quickly to solve the problem and replace the hardware if necessary.. See page





2. The POS is expensive and not worth.

Reality: A POS should consider it as an investment in your business. With a POS system (software y hardware) It has the advantage of control over all aspects of your business, from tracking sales, avoid shrinkage, collect all that is served, the procurement and stock, etc …, that is not only possible with an electronic cash register. Many companies offer affordable options for companies that do not have the financial ability to buy a POS. Some offer leasing arrangements and reasonable payment plans. And if he was given the POS sure to read the fine print, and there may be associated costs.

3. Thetpv-2030-Pack barato sale caro.

Reality: By buying a cheap POS you can leave more expensive than first thought. Buy a budget has certain disadvantages associated. Maybe this inexpensive equipment could lead components used and can be damage earlier than expected, or may not have post-sales. The service of the company that buys it will not be optimal if you have a problem. | 2 The risk of buying something cheap is not to have the equipment when needed, so it will cause a loss of sales, dissatisfied customers by uncontrolled development and a higher than buying a more professional equipment cost.

4. PC is a better option than a POS.

Reality: The POS is designed with industrial components that guarantee stability and durability of the equipment. He also wins in ergonomics and a POS occupies less space than a PC, where you have a screen, un PC, keyboard, mouse, while at the POS is integrated whole. A POS is designed to last much longer than a PC, plus it will guarantee the repair for more years than a PC. In addition, if you are thinking of saving the POS it is the best choice as the power consumption will be much less than a consumer PC.

5. A POS is not powerful enough.

Reality: Most restaurant and shop applications are optimized for POS. If you are thinking that a personal computer is more powerful and Wearingtpv-7050-Posteriora better processor, more memory, more storage you're wrong. The application will work just as fast as on a PC.

6. Buy the hardware from different manufacturers lowers costs me.

Reality: If you buy all system components (hardware y software) the same manufacturer will be gaining in quality of service and response time. It will be dealing only with a single point instead of dealing with several at once and this will simplify the work in dealing with manufacturers. Buy the hardware from different manufacturers to save a few euros it may cause headaches because they can not be compatible with each other.

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