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Once again, RESTAURANTS G2TPV can implement a system that conforms to the technological needs of a franchise like Diner Restaurants. A centralized management system for unified way can control aspects necessary for good management of restaurants. With this system, Diner restaurants can properly manage purchases, correctly analyze sales, controlling cash receipts…etc.. Aspects include among others:

  • warehouses
  • Requests
  • sales
  • Personal
  • …etc..

As competition increases and the need to adjust prices in a market increasingly demanding, It involves not only offer excellent quality in all its products, but it also implies a perfect management of purchases and perfect sales analysis. Do not forget that The Guardian, Diner Restaurants described as one of the best in our city: The Guardian

Diner restaurants, which it has now included in its menu a hamburger true American Buffalo, It is qualified by various media as one of the best restaurants and the best burger in Palma de Mallorca. With artisanal production, we can find burgers for all audiences, as well as veggie burgers and vegan dishes. The manager Cristina Martinez Benito, achieved thanks to its extensive experience in the sector, create a wonderful atmosphere and offer a magnificent menu that will delight us anytime.

Diner restaurants, currently it is offering the possibility of franquiciarse and share their know-how and benefit from their knowledge and experience. Please inquire at Diner Franchise Restaurants

In addition Vemployed Marketing consultant has made a multifranquicia online ordering system www.restaurantesdiner.com. G2TPV has collaborated with the company automating printing commands so made online by the customer, printer in every restaurant kitchen.

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