Business Control Panel

Within our own products which include certainly provide better facilities to every business owner that has our POS systems.

With our implementation of panel, you can access from any internet connected device to a control panel managed by username and password that will allow you to separate monitor your business data in real time.


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Access from your Smartphone, tablet or your computer in which you find yourself, if you're traveling, and knows firsthand the details of your business.

With our control panel you will have a control total all data and statistics generated by your business in a few seconds.


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It is therefore, a complete tool that facilitates, by presenting data in graphs and statistical tables, know the current status of the business at all times. Simple visual control in the palm of your hand.


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In the panel, are available sales data for each closure on closures 10 last days and for each box (This is implied in closing, each end is a box), in addition to statistics on total sales per month of the year and accumulated total sales this year by article.

You can export data to PDF and Excel

They can also make comparisons with other years and months in the Premium version.

This allows you to make sales forecasts very easily and visually.

Reports available:

  • Total real-time sales (Accumulated pending closure)
    • Overview of all closures
  • Sales by region
    • Ventas to subfamilies
    • Sales per family
    • Sales by Product
    • Sales hours
    • Sales by waiters
    • Sales table

In G2TPV We are continually improving and updating the panel, with our professional contribution and the collected experience improvements with portal users.

For all this, Your opinion is very valuable to us, so we invite you to send us your suggestions and insights, to be studied in detail.


Control Panel business in Mallorca, manage your business from any internet connected device.

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